Characteristics of fireproof mattresses:

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The fireproof mattress is designed and manufactured with a special material that cannot be combusted. The Fire Prevention regulations in force oblige the use of Homologated Fireproof Mattresses for Healthcare Facilities and Hotels, therefore Hospitals and Hotels, with a number of beds equal to or greater than 25 units.

Spring mattresses and expanded polyurethane mattresses are part of this type of mattress. Specifically, fireproof mattresses for hotels are made of non-flammable materials in the event of the accidental fall of flammable substances or cigarette ash. Each mattress used must, therefore, be approved and certified by the Ministry of the Interior and must possess the regular one.

Hotel fireproof mattresses are made of materials capable of hindering or delaying the spread of fire and reducing the emission of toxic fumes by 90%. The reduction of the emission of toxic fumes is the main aspect as inhaling more gas generated by fire is the most frequent cause of death.

Fireproof mattresses are made according to specific regulations. Need more updates apart from given here? Just go through our blog there is more news on Bestmattress-brand in detail.

First of all, each mattress and any other padded product (pillows, sofas, etc.) must be made based on a class of fire reaction:

Class 0:

This class is normally attributed to all those types of material, such as iron, steel, etc., which are not subject to combustion.

Other classes:

Classes 1, 2, 3, etc. indicate the degree of fire of the fabric, the higher the class the greater the combustion capacity. Therefore a class 2 mattress is certainly more subject to fire than a mattress instead realized in class 1.

Next, to the class, the wording IM must be shown, indicating that it is a padded product.

Rules for buying a fireproof mattress:

First of all, it is advisable to always contact specialized companies or retailers.

It is necessary to examine the certification and the homologation: the class certification, which attests that the mattress in question has fireproof characteristics.

This certification is normally carried out by the Laboratory of the Ministry of the Interior or by Laboratories always authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.