Characteristics of the latex mattress:

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Latex is a completely natural and biodegradable material processed without the production of chemical residues. The latex structure is also very elastic and breathable and is able to prevent the emergence of mold and bacteria. Thanks to these important capacities, latex is used for many years in the production of mattresses.

Before the introduction of memory, in the technologies of rest, latex mattresses were the only true alternative solution to spring mattresses.

However, even today, latex mattresses are considered among the best mattresses on the market, despite the cost of the raw material, or the latex necessary to produce it. In fact, unlike memory mattresses which are generally of synthetic origin, latex is completely natural, because it is of vegetable origin and is also not chemically processed.

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Obviously, it is good to distinguish between 100% natural latex from latex or latex foam of dubious origin or of doubtful processing.

Unlike spring mattresses, latex mattresses can more ergonomically accommodate the shape of the body and, thanks to the intrinsic elasticity of this material produced directly from nature, allow the mattress to provide greater comfort for a more comfortable sleep.

Latex is generally used for blood circulation problems and problems related to the spine. The advantages of owning a bed with a latex mattress lie in the fact that by deforming with the heat of the body it takes on our shape exactly and adapts naturally to our body, favoring movements not the other way around; it also keeps the body temperature constant for the duration of our sleep; moreover, especially for all those who suffer from cervical or back pain, it is particularly indicated because its softness and adaptability will make all the weight download and all the stress accumulated during the day will disappear!

Precisely because it is a high-quality mattress that adapts to the body following the heat, it would be better not to use the electric blankets that would do nothing but alter its normal functionality. Designed for those who can’t really renounce to comfort, the latex mattress is always an excellent solution, to be chosen carefully and according to needs.