For whom is the degree of hardness 5 suitable?

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Temper grade 5 tends to be most suitable for those with a body weight of more than 140 kilograms. At the same time, one should wish for a firm feeling of being at ease. The weight recommendation is to be understood as a rough tendency. The degree of hardness 5 can certainly be used by people from about 120 kilograms of body weight. Grade 5 mattresses are generally very firm and therefore provide adequate body support for sleepers, even those of heavier type. This is necessary because otherwise, the weight loads the mattress too much. As a result, the body lowers too much and a so-called “hammock effect” occurs. The spine then no longer receives sufficient support.

Slatted frame for the mattress in hardness grade 5

When buying a mattress in grade 5 should also pay attention to a high-quality slatted base. Only both elements together result in a mutual interplay, in which the body is reliably supported. The optimum support is necessary for particular from a weight of more than 120 kilograms. In these weight classes, a good point elasticity in mattress and slatted frame is particularly important.

High-quality products can even be adjusted individually via controllers in certain areas. With a slat, this sometimes goes for every single plate. This flexibility ensures the highest possible individual body adaptation. Body zones with more weight on the mattress and slatted frame can be better supported by the reverse. The same applies to the shoulder if it does not sink deep enough. This is quite possible due to the high strength of grade 5.

One or two mattresses for the double bed?

Due to the very specific orientation of a mattress with grade 5, this is usually not suitable for a double bed with the partner. The lighter person simply loses too much comfort while the heavier person needs strength. In such cases, two mattresses with different degrees of hardness are recommended for the bed. This combination meets the different demands of both partners. The mattress with grade 5 can fulfill its purpose. Are you also thinking that what is the perfect bed for stomach sleepers

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